So another problem I have with the Potter series is the way werewolves are treated by the wizarding community. Werewolves are only dangerous once a month on a full moon, everyone knows this, which means that the rest of the time the werewolves are just normal people. So why are they treated with mistrust and […]

I suppose it’s worth stating at this point that I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with the Harry Potter series. I think it’s a great story with wonderful characters, but at the same time there are some glaring problems that I just can’t overlook. In a previous video, I commented on one of these issues: […]

It’s not a proper St. Valentine’s Day until you create a mixtape, er cloudcast! Lemon Demon Emily Kinney Stewart Rodgers Julia Nunes Corey Heuvel NSG Alexi Murdoch Tessa Violet The Magnetic Fields Tom & Liv Background Music by Nathan Wills (R.I.P.)

Sawlon Emily Kinney David Fertello Liv Corey Heuvel NSG Nataly Dawn Steven Page Background Music by Nathan Wills (R.I.P.) All Indie Radio – 10th January 2016 by Aj Kretschmar on Mixcloud

The Caulden Road Upside Drown J.B. Dazen & Postponers Sara Renberg Orange Cake Mix Julia Nunes Eleanor Murray The Mongrel Jews Ahbub Mahboubi Background Music by Nathan Wills (R.I.P.) All Indie Radio – 13th December 2015 by Aj Kretschmar on Mixcloud