Mars Madness! Day Five: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

Anyone familiar with mst3k will need no introduction to this one.  This light-hearted kids movie is so fun and goofy you can’t help but enjoy it.

When the parents of Mars start getting worried by their children’s unusual amount of interest in Earth televison programs, the eldest Martian is consulted who tells them they made a mistake in the way they raised their children, making them focus too much on learning and not enough on play.  So he tells them the only way to let the children be children again is with the help of Santa Claus.

The Martians decide the only thing to do is abduct Santa and bring him to Mars to make toys for their children.  Except for Voldar. He thinks there’s nothing wrong with the way things are and is determined that Mars doesn’t need Santa.  Upon landing on Earth, the Martians are confused to find Santa Clauses everywhere, so they stop to ask a couple of kids who just happen to be hanging around outside trying to take a nap.  In winter.  The kids, Billy and Betty, tell the Martians that the real Santa can be found at the North Pole, and the Martians repay their helpfulness by kidnapping them.

Now Santa in this world works by different rules than the Santa we all know of in our reality.  In this movie, Santa is known to be real and a reporter actually goes to his workshop to interview him on national television.  After landing, the kids escape the Martians with the help of the Martian leader’s dopey assistant Dropo, and they run out into the frigid arctic night where apart from being lost and cold they also have to hide from a guy in a polar bear costume straight from the local party store.  Moments after escaping the polar bear, Billy and Betty are recaptured by the Martian’s robot, Torg.

Santa is taken to Mars with Billy and Betty where Voldar attempts to kidnap Santa to get rid of him, only to accidentally kidnap Dropo in a Santa suit.  Santa and the kids defeat Voldar with toys and eventually everything is sorted out with Santa naming a new Santa for Mars before everyone goes home in time for Christmas.

This movie is harmless fun for anyone with a soft spot for B movies, and it’s always on my list of mandatory holiday movies to watch every year.  Check it out if you haven’t already seen it, you won’t be sorry.

And this brings us to the end of Mars Madness.  I hope you all enjoyed this little journey with me, and I hope you discovered some movie gems to add to your collection (or avoid forever).  We have lots of great new stuff planned for this year and hopefully we’ll actually get to do it, so keep checking back with the site and don’t forget to register so you can leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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