Happy New Year! Steve’s Outlook

GoneYetAs this brand-spanking-new year commences from January forward, I count my blessings. I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and clothes on my back (and hopefully other areas encasing my figure). I’m also blessed to have reasonably good health (until I go for a Physical Examination).

I have a positive outlook this year, as I am working two part-time jobs. With said jobs, I’ll be paying off old debts and rebuilding my credit. In a couple of years, I hope to have a license, car and a place of my own, but this year will be focused on things that I’ve neglected in recent years.

My Health: I’ve been drinking more water, watching what I eat, and trying my hand at doing the Yoga thing. of course, I can’t twist myself into a human pretzel, but I can still try, right? Meditation is in my daily routine, and so is the expelling of negative energies. As you know, Frank and I turn negativity into a comedy act, but I’ll implement a more positive spin to Zotte Park and help balance it out.

My Projects: I’ve recently discovered a bookstore within walking distance where I can exchange old books for store credit, so that is a major motivator to get back into reading my mounds of books, and review them for my site (it’s currently down as I write this, but keep checking back) Enter The Papernet. I’ve been staying off camera lately, but I hope to do more radio programs. Later this year, I’ll be helping Frank get his new YouTube series off and running. Keep an eye out for further updates!

As I don’t have my own computer at the moment, I’ll be doing what I can with the resources available to me. Thank you all, or all three or seven of you, for sticking around and supporting us. Commenting is open to anyone who registers, so please say hello some time!

2015: The year we’re supposed to have flying cars, hover boards , Café 80’s, and Nike Mags. Oh, and Jaws 19. I’m looking at you, Spielberg!

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