Zotte Park Series 8

We’re coming up on eight years since I created the YouTube channel. Some videos were downright hilarious. Some were okay. Some were lacking in anything remotely considered entertainment. I kept at it, though. We kept at it. I love making videos. Looking back, I cringe at some of the videos I made, some of my editing or my thoughts on a subject. I’ve gained weight and some of my front teeth are going bad, which kept me from making videos for a while, because video is such a vanity-aware medium.

I have come to terms with my appearance and I decided to just do what I love, which is to make videos, short films, anything my heart desires. I’m making them for solely for my own entertainment, and you’re welcome to watch. Equipped with a newly-acquired Canon EOS Rebel T2i, I shall venture back into the world of filmmaking and be the Creative I always wanted to be. Me.

… And Frank too. His show will air eventually. It’s a matter of getting together to film.

Here’s a quick trailer I edited:

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