Something Awesome This Way Comes

A while back, say four years ago, my friend Frank (of Brutally Honest Reviews) had one of his creative gears kick in. He wrote up a story called Everyman, which is about a guy in his mid 20’s whose dream is to become a superhero, though he lives in a town with zero crime. He posted this story on Ubersite and received some decent feedback. Frank wanted to make it into a short film, but we didn’t have the time nor resources.

If you read the first several pages of the story/treatment, you may say “Yeah, I’ve seen this movie, it’s called ‘Kick-Ass'”, but what you don’t know is that the first Kick-Ass comic didn’t get printed until two years after Frank posted Everyman on Ubersite, which is an instantly date-stamped copyright.

I’m not saying that one copied the other or vice-versa. It’s safe to say, with six billion human minds at work on this planet, there are bound to be similar ideas swirling about within the Create-O-Sphere.

Frank is the kind of guy that won’t be assuaged from his creativity. Since Everyman, he wrote a serial called After The Fall 2012, which is about a man’s travels and trades in a post-apocalyptic world. When I read the one-shot (before he made it a series) I was blown away by his writing despite some grammatical errors (he tends to make them). The scenario felt more realistic, and I urge you to give it a read.

He also started writing Everyman 2, but is now focusing on rewriting the original Everyman. We are currently in the beginning stages of turning it into our first film production.

Over the past week, Frank, Ray and myself have been talking about this project more often. I’ve never seen Frank so motivated before. He is really pushing the idea, and we all want to do this right, so planning it out one-thing-at-a-time is priority.

I am getting excited about it. I’m reading the original draft of Everyman and making annotations with my thoughts on character developement and camera direction. Frank is rewriting the script/treatment and he’s letting me write the actual screenplay.

I want to start pitching the project to anyone who can potentially help us, and get the ball rolling, but… but…
…One thing at a time. We don’t want to Von der Lose the race before we warm up.

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