Hey kids! It’s your friendly neighborhood Personality!

As you may know, I’ve had blogs. I mean, I’ve had BLOGS! On MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Hi5, Xanga, LiveJournal, SceneJournal, DeadJournal, GreatJournal and even my old Angelfire account.

I currently have a few journals/blogs on WordPress because I think it’s a great, user-friendly platform. Though there may be better sites that you know of, it’s basically about preference. After some consideration, I think I’m going to make *THIS* site my home base for everything YouTube and Media related. The other WP blogs I’m a part of, I’ve been writing under monikers, because they’re either special projects, or I write stuff that is more personal to me.

But here, it’s not *JUST* about me, but also about *YOU* (but mostly me, of course).

I’ll mostly post my videos from all of my YouTube accounts (I have about five, a couple of which is shared with other people) so you can view all of my videos in one place. I will have them categorized for easy filtering, and I will also be posting about other projects that I might be working on. I might also post some of my favorite videos. Who knows. I’m an impulsive person. Ask anyone.

Categories, what a beautiful concept!

I might even archive from my previous blogs. I don’t know if WP would allow it, but we’ll find out. As of right now, this is it. I have ideas, and I want to take each one on bit by bit.

Maybe there will guest bloggers? Yes? No? Maybe so.

I’m a simple person with a complicated mindset, I hope you’re ready for mass confusion, because Zotte Park is one heck of a place to be!


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