Testimonials (About)


Stevious McZotte: a simple man surrounded by complications. Zotte Park is an exploration of these trials, tribulations and the quest for personal growth and change while seeking the answer to life, the universe and everything.” –Ysmay Gray

“He’s my arch-nemesis. No one meanders the halls of Life quite like he does. I hope he makes a wrong turn, so that I can infiltrate and rule Zotte Park!” -Dark Stevious


“DJ Frederick has been in & out & around the fringes of the small press world since the mid 1980’s.

He was the editor of homespun literary journals Bone & Flesh from 1988 – 1990 and now Color Wheel since 1990. He is a free radio advocate, DJ, disability rights activist, writer, living in the reclusive hills of New Hampshire. His latest project is Signals: A Radio Zine which explores pirate radio, community radio, Low Power FM, and stories from the frontier of free radio and free speech.” –ZineWiki


Frank is just a regular guy who loves bad movies and long-forgotten tv shows. His appreciation for such has lead him to have some experience working on a tv show for public access television, but we won’t go into that, for it wasn’t the kind of bad he was into. That was a poorly produced waste of time.

Frank, being a bear and naturally offensive, found new friends over at Ubersite. There, they cyberly abused, er, conditioned him into becoming a better writer. Frank migrated here because, you know, after surviving a good conditioning, it couldn’t get any worse.” -Stevious McZotte


Richard is a fan of horror movies and all things Cthulhu. He’s also a Brony of epic manliness. As the resident consult for (and co-writer of) Stevious’ upcoming “Friday the 13th” reviews, Richard will be lurking around this site whilst wearing a burlap sack. Should he find a way to take over Zotte Park, I’ll ask for the recipe prior to gaming his throne.” -Dark Stevious