DJ Frederick has made a separate blog in supplement to this one, where you could find more information about the stations we are currently being broadcast on. Here are the new One Minute Zine Reviews from this week: January 31st, 2011 PODCAST – Atlas of Childhood [Download Page] January 30th, 2011 PODCAST – XTRA TUF […]

My friend Norm loves the sound of his voice (I can relate), and he is very confident in his ability to explain what he knows. He knows a lot about running a role-playing game (RPG) like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc, so I decided to record him when I’m on the phone and he goes […]

*revised 8/1/2014* Disclaimer: There will be explicit language in this video. This is Frank’s first attempt at a video blog. This one is in a car. So it’s a car vlog. A clog, as one might say. But not just ANY clog. A clog inside a $200 Lexus. That’s right. For more Frankisms check out […]