So anyway, I just finished watching Godzilla: Final Wars. This movie kicked seven kinds of ass. That’s right, all seven. It’s the ultimate giant monster slobberknocker. It starts off with Godzilla in the south pole, and the military succeeds in trapping him under the ice, putting him in hibernation. Flash forward several years, the other […]

There was a popular saying in the late 80’s and early 90’s: Sequels are never as good as the original. When they said that, this is the movie they were talking about. This movie is so monumentally horrible, it was literally stricken from the record. The producers pretended it never happened, the fans of the […]

Holy festering bowl of dog snot, Batman! That’s right, old chums, you knew this had to be coming. I swear to fucking Christ, this movie is more evil than Hitler’s left ass-cheek! It’s so heinous that I have never been able to sit through the entire movie. That’s right, not even I could endure this […]